Beating Back the Creeping Tyranny of Big Data

By Mark Buchanan

The data scientists writing the algorithms that drive giants like Alphabet Inc. (Google) and Facebook Inc. are today’s technology wizards, and companies and governments increasingly use their creations — often in secret and with little oversight — to do everything from hiring and firing employees to identifying likely suspects for police monitoring.

But there’s a dark side — and computer scientists warn that we’ll need a lot more transparency if the big-data revolution is really to work for all of us.

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Microsoft spreading more investment dollars in AI

Seven new investments span IoT, retail, and — of course — smart assistants

Microsoft has said it wants to "democratize AI" and be the Gutenberg press of the machine learning age. Now it is putting its money where its mouth is and dedicating an (unspecified) chunk of its Microsoft Ventures fund to "AI companies focused on inclusive growth and positive impact on society."

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