As cloud hosting wars heat up, Apple turns to a rival for relief

Apple has reportedly moved a large segment of its cloud services from Amazon to Google

Since being named senior vice president for Google's cloud businesses, Diane Greene appears to have been busy: Spotify very publicly switched over to Google's infrastructure after several years with Amazon, and now Apple has quietly moved as much as $600 million of an estimated billion dollar annual cloud to Google.

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Windows IT Pro 2016-03-15 12:36:00

Customers wary of US data policies can now tap into Azure Deutschland

Microsoft announced a number of new cloud offerings today, including, notably, the availability of Azure Deutschland — a German cloud region that will offer Azure services that come not directly from Microsoft, but from the German data trustee Deutsche Telekom.

The service, launched in Preview today, is interesting because Microsoft works hard to keep itself at arm's length from customer data in this region, and to make sure that the data is kept on German grounds.

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