How to Take Photos of a Solar Eclipse Safely

On the August 21st, 2017, North America is going to experience a solar eclipse. It’s the best eclipse in 99 years, with the path of totality—the area where the sun is totally blocked by the moon—extending from Oregon to South Carolina. Even outside of that narrow swathe, the eclipse is going to look pretty special.

How to Make Instagram Use Less Data

It’s easy to use a lot of mobile data with Instagram. Whether you’re posting your own photos and videos, or just flicking through your feed, it’s all pretty data intensive, especially if you have friends who post a lot of videos.

How to Make Snapchat Use Less Data With Travel Mode

Like Facebook, Snapchat can quickly use a lot of data. By default, even when you’re on mobile data, Snapchat will automatically download any Snaps you receive or Stories your friends post. All it takes is one friend to go a little heavy with the video Snaps, and you can burn through a hundred megabytes just by opening the app.