How To Fix Bluetooth Audio In Chrome Browser

Chrome is a web browser at its core but as a browser, it ens up running versatile apps from spreadsheets and word processors to media players. It’s well equipped to handle all this in most cases but you will find it is lacking when it comes to playing audio through a Bluetooth device. If you’re using a pair of Bluetooth headsets or speakers to listen to something on YouTube in Chrome, you will find the sound isn’t quite right. Some users might not hear sound at all. In either case, you can fix Bluetooth audio in Chrome by disabling Flash.


Make sure audio is working correctly on your desktop, and in Chrome. Connect a wired set of headphones and check the audio quality. If there’s a problem there, then it’s with sound on your system and not necessarily a Bluetooth problem.

You should also check sound quality in other apps using your Bluetooth headsets. If Chrome is the only app where the sound is distorted, or doesn’t play then this solution ought to fix it.

Disable Flash

Flash may be dying but it isn’t dead yet and while Chrome doesn’t allow it to run by default, the plugin is still there in your browser. Chrome uses a version of Flash called Pepper Flash and it doesn’t seem to play nice with Bluetooth audio.

Open Chrome and type the following in the address bar;


Here, turn the on the switch that you see and then play audio in Chrome. Restart Chrome, and disconnect and reconnect your Bluetooth device to see if the problem has been fixed or not.

If it persists, you need to add the website you’re playing audio from to the Flash block list. Return the settings page mentioned earlier and click Add next to the Block section. Paste the URL of the website you’re playing audio on and you’re done. For good measure, restart Chrome. Disconnect and reconnect your Bluetooth device and then play audio.

You will observe a noticeable improvement in sound quality.


Bluetooth audio also depends, to some extent on the quality of your headphones. With expensive and/or high quality headsets, the sound will be better even if it isn’t the same as the sound you get from a wired audio device. Lower quality Bluetooth headphones may not play well with desktops and hence there is likely to be some compromise over the sound quality in Chrome.

If the website you’re listening to relies on Flash, you will not be able to use it. Either that or you’re going to have to make-do with the bad audio quality.

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502 Bad Gateway Error: What Is and How to Fix it?

HTTP errors are expressed as numbers. You probably heard or saw a 404 error, but it’s hardly the only one in its category. There are lots of other error codes such as 401, and 303 that users see often.

One slightly less common error is the 502 Bad Gateway error that you might encounter at times. This is an HTTP error that normally comes from a server. It means that when you tried to access a website, it sent a request to the server the website is hosted on, and it came back with an invalid response or, a server tried to contact another server and again received an invalid response from it.

This is a general cause for the 502 error but there may be other reasons you’re seeing it. Let’s delve in and learn more about 502 erros and if there are fixes for them.

Other Forms Of 502 Error

The 502 Bad Gateway error isn’t the actual name of the error. It’s really only called a 502 error. The text that accompanies this error varies from website to website. A lot of websites serve their own custom messages for HTTP errors and they might choose to do so for the 502 error. Some have creative error messages for the 404 (page not found) error.

Twitter shows you the Fail Whale when it encounters a 502 error. Github has a Star Wars inspired 404 error message.

The 502 error might be accompanied by the following different messages;

  • 502 Bad Gateway
  • 502 Proxy Error
  • 502 Server Error: The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request
  • 502 Service Temporarily Overloaded
  • 502. That’s an error
  • Bad Gateway: The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server
  • Error 502
  • HTTP 502
  • HTTP Error 502 – Bad Gateway
  • Temporary Error (502)

All these errors are more or less the same and have similar underlying causes.

502 Bad Gateway Error Causes

You might see a 502 Bad Gateway error for the following reasons;

  • The server the website is hosted on is unavailable or cannot be reached
  • The server is experiencing heavy traffic and unable to respond to all requests or it’s under a DDOS attack
  • The server took too long to respond to a request by your browser and the request timed out
  • The domain name could not be resolved  i.e. the DNS server couldn’t find the IP associated with the address you entered. This might be a problem with the DNS service you’re using.

Fixing 502 Bad Gateway Error

The 502 Bad Gateway error is a server side problem. What this means is that there is little on the end user side that you can do to resolve it. If you’re trying to access a website that is constantly throwing a 502 error, you should try the following;

  • Refresh it by tapping the F5 key
  • Check to see if it’s just you, or everyone else by entering the domain in Down for everyone or just me
  • Check the support page for the domain or their Twitter feed to see if they’re aware of, and have acknowledged there is a problem
  • Check back a little later. The site might be down for maintenance or scheduled maintenance might have taken longer or gone bad
  • Clear the browser cache and restart your browser. This is highly unlikely to resolve the problem but it’s worth a shot because in very rare cases, a problem with the cache files can throw this error. If you’ve already checked the website on Down for everyone or just me, and it’s up, this might work. Alternatively, try accessing the website in a different browser or a different device like your phone.
  • Try using a different DNS service like Google DNS
  • Assuming the website is up and the error is only on your side, try restarting your computer and restring your WiFi router.
  • Check to see if you can reset your browser. Both Chrome and Firefox have a built-in option that can reset them to their default, fresh install state. Make sure you have your bookmarks and passwords backed up first.

If the website is indeed down and you need to access information on a website urgently you can try to access an archive either via Google Search, or via the Wayback Machine. Be warned that the information may be outdated.

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How To Get Night Mode In Microsoft Edge In Windows 10

Windows 10 has a dark theme. It’s applied very sparsely across the UI but most stock apps like TV & Movies, and Groove are compatible. Surprisingly, Edge isn’t. If it were, it would have been the only mainstream browser to have a night mode but if there’s a ball to be dropped, Microsoft will drop it. The good news is, you can get Night Mode in Microsoft Edge with an extension called Turn Off The Lights.

Turn Off The Lights is, at its core, an extension that dims everything on page with a media player and lets you watch a video in theater mode. Extensions like this are pretty common for other browsers but not so much for Edge. It also has a night mode which lets you select the background, text, and hyperlink color for websites.

Night Mode In Microsoft Edge

Download Turn Off The Lights. We tested this extension out on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update running Microsoft Edge version 41.16299.334.0, and there were a few hiccups.

Install the app and enable it by clicking the more options button at the top right, and going to Extensions in the side panel. Once it’s enabled, it will add a light bulb button next to the address bar. This button toggles the Night mode in Microsoft Edge. The extension says a different button will be added to control it but as per tests, that button never appeared. We used the bulb button to enable Night Mode.

There is some setting up involved though so here’s what you need to do. Go to the extension’s settings. On the left, select ‘Night mode’. You’ll see three boxes, each filled with a color and you want to change the background color immediately. Change it from the default black to a grey. A little trial and error is going to be involved here. Once you’re done, open a website and click the bulb button to apply the night mode.

That’s how it works. Unfortunately, there are hiccups. For one, every time you navigate to a new page, or you open a new tab, the night mode filter isn’t already applied. You’re going to get a shock of white before it’s dimmed by the extension. It’s not seamless the way it should be which is a shame.

You can use the whitelist option on this same tab and enable night mode for a particular domain to curb the problem on your most frequently visited websites but beyond that, there’s nothing that you can do.

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How To Check If Your Facebook Data Leaked To Cambridge Analytica

The Cambridge Analytica data leak has snowballed into something big. Facebook is under serious fire and users are thinking about deleting Facebook altogether. Known names to already have deleted Facebook include SpaceX, Tesla, Steve Wozniak, and Cher. 8.7 million accounts were compromised in this leak and if you’re wondering whether or not your Facebook data leaked to Cambridge Analytica, there’s a fairly simple way to find out.

Facebook Will Tell You

According to Mashable, Facebook will tell you itself if your data was stolen by Cambridge Analytica. You will see a notification at the top of you newsfeed telling you that your data may have been compromised (image via Mashable).

Check For Yourself

You can still check for yourself. Visit this link and it will tell you whether or not your information was compromised.

It seems the leak is being attributed to an app called ‘This Is Your Digital Life’. If you or any of your friends ever logged into this app, then your information has been compromised.

Even if your information has been compromised, Facebook will not tell you which of your friends logged into the app. The app, we’re assuming, is no longer available because an extended Google search could only find an app of a similar name by AT&T and it’d definitely not the same one.

What Happened?

We’re speculating here but judging by the name of the app, it’s either a silly game that most users might try thinking there can’t be any harm in it, like all those Facebook quizzes, or it’s an app that profiles your social activity for you. Either way, what’s mind blowing is that one app alone was the cause of 8.7million account leaks. It seems almost hard to believe. Of all the fake profiles and malicious apps floating around, only one was the source of this leak.

According to Reddit user Freedia, This Is My Digital Life is/was a personality quiz app. It was something along the lines of are you an introvert or extrovert but it used data from your Facebook account to give you whatever results it did. To be fair, quizzes that try to determine whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, or what type of ice cream you are, are generally harmless because they don’t look at your Facebook data. They have you click on images or choose an option from a set of options. We’re guessing This Is My Digital Life either asked more invasive questions or simply asked for complete access to a Facebook account.

Facebook ought to do something about this but we don’t know if it will. In the meantime, if you continue to use Facebook and apps on Facebook, be weary as to what information an app asks for. Also, don’t install that Facebook VPN app. It’s a trap.

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How To Use The Focus Mode On Instagram

Instagram has a new photo capture mode called Focus mode. It works with the story camera and is available on both Android and iOS users. There’s just one catch though; there are device limitations. What this means is, Focus mode isn’t going to be available on all devices.

Focus Mode Availability

For iOS users, Focus mode will be available on iPhone 6S/6S Plus, and above. For Android users, there’s no definitive list of supported phones however higher end phones like the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will have access to it. You can check out this Reddit thread to see which users have confirmed the feature working on their phones.

Use Focus Mode

Open Instagram and tap the camera button at the top left, or just swipe right. Swipe along the bottom (where the shutter button is), to change modes. Instagram has other modes that you’re perhaps familiar with like Live mode, Boomerang, and rewind.

If Instagram supports Focus mode on your phone, you will see it appear between Rewind and Boomerang. It will look for a face because this mode is made for selfies. That said, it works with objects as well.

Focus mode basically focuses on the main subject of a photo. With selfies, Focus mode will automatically detect faces and blur everything else in the background. It works with the rear camera as evidenced by the screenshots above. The app has focused on the object closest to the camera i.e. the toy car and blurred the background object i.e., the carpet and kitten.

In Focus mode, you can take a photo or you can hold the capture button and record a video. The image can be posted to your story or if you want to share it to your feed, you can save it to your camera roll, and then upload it.

If your phone didn’t get this feature, and you own an Android phone you can’t force it to appear. You can however look for other apps that will replicate the feature. Focus mode isn’t unique in what it does. The Google Camera app on the Pixel phones has a portrait mode that is basically the same thing. iPhones, the newer ones, have a similar feature.

If you don’t own a Pixel phone, try to see if the ported mod of the Google Camera app will run on your phone. Finally, you can utilize the Blur mode which is available on a good number of Android phones. For iPhone owners with an older model, there isn’t much recourse.

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