How To Randomly Choose A Drop Point For Fortnite And PUBG

The great thing about online multi-player games is that you can play with your friends. The not so nice thing is when you can’t decide on a drop point. If you play either or both Fornight and PUBG and you have difficulty picking a drop point, try using Where to drop. It’s a free web app that will pick a random drop point for Fortnite and PUGB.

You choose which game you need to choose a drop point for, and click the Where to drop button when the map for said game loads. The app will pin a location for everyone to drop on.

Drop Point For Fortnite And PUBG

Visit WhereToDrop and pick the game you’re playing. If you pick PUBG to play, you will have the option to choose either the Erangel or Miramar map. The unreleased Savage map is not featured but will likely be added once it is finally made available to players.

Once you pick a game, and a map, WhereToDrop will  load the map and you have the button that you need to click.

If you look at the border of the map, you will see that it is numbered on the left, and lettered along the top, much like a chess board. These serve as coordinates for the drop point and they correspond to the ones you see on the map. When you need to drop, you can use them to drag out a marker for your drop point.

The app picks random spots and not necessarily marked places on the map. This app works independently of  any and all platforms that you can play these games on so while it can serve as an impartial way to pick a drop point, it can in no way compel your team to actually land there. You all have to agree to honor whatever drop point the app picks, or not use it at all. There are no zoom controls available on the map. You cannot pick a particular part of the map and then have the app pick a drop point there.

Where To Drop doesn’t offer any sort of tactical advantage when picking a drop point so if you have a good reason for dropping on a different spot, you should go with that. This app isn’t anything other than a way to settle an argument. It also doesn’t guide you to the spot you need to drop on. Again, you’re going to have to familiarize yourself with the map and game mechanics, and navigate yourself.

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How To Import And Export Power Plans In Windows 10

Windows 10 supports multiple power plans. You can switch to power plans from the battery slider or you can pick one from the Control Panel. Windows comes with a few default power plans but you always have the freedom to customize one of the presets, or to make your own power plan. Once you do make them, you might want to use them on more than one system. If that’s the case, making them again isn’t convenient. It’s easier to export power plans, and import them on your other systems.

Power Plan GUID

Power plans have a user friendly name however your system identifies them with a GUID. It’s series of alphanumeric string that maps to a power plan. You can find the GUIDs of all power plans currently configured on your system by running the following command in Command Prompt.

Powercfg List

Export Power Plans

The GUID is what you need to export a power plan. The list of GUIDs is accompanied by the name of each plan so you can tell which GUID belongs to the plan you want to export. Copy it to your clipboard.

Next, pick where you want to export the plan to. The export command requires a location to export the file to. Once you have both items, enter the following command to export the power plan. Make sure you append “pow” at the end of the file name that you specify. Power plan files have the POW file extension and you will need to specify it when you’re exporting the power plan.


Powercfg -Export Location and file name GUID


Powercfg -Export "C:\Power Plan\Sleep Plan.pow" 63772157-d589-43cb-869e-f6b512bbcb3b

Import Power Plans

Now that you’ve exported the power plan, you can import it to other systems. Copy the POW file that you exported to the system you want to import the power plan to.

Run the following command to import the power plan.


Powercfg –Import Location and file name


Powercfg –Import "C:\Power Plan\Sleep Plan.pow"

Once you’ve imported the power plan, it will appear in Control Panel. Note that not all power plans appear in the battery slider so you’re likely only going to find the imported plan in Control Panel. Open File Explorer and enter the following in the location bar. This will open Power Options in Control Panel and the plan you imported will appear here. Select it.

Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options

We should mention that when you import a power plan, it is assigned a new GUID on the new system. The old GUID will not work if you try to use it again to export the plan from the current system. Get a fresh list of GUIDs on each system you export a power plan from.

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How to Improve WiFi Signal: Boost Your Your Router’s WiFi Range

Most people use whatever router their ISP provides them — because routers aren’t easy for the average person to buy and a really good one isn’t nothing short of cheap. If you have to make-do with one router in your home, and you find there are rooms and corners where the WiFi signal doesn’t reach or if it does the Internet speeds are very low, it’s quite obvious you will need to figure out how you can improve the router’s signal in your home.

Here are a few basic things you can try to boost the WiFi range without replacing your router.

1. Move The Router

If your ISP set up the router in your home, there is no guarantee that they found the best place for it. Most people settle with putting the router next to the most easily accessibly power outlet or wherever they can restart it easily. Sometimes the emphasis is on aesthetics instead of functionality. A router should not be placed;

  • Next to a stove, fridge, microwave, or other such electric appliances
  • Next to anything that is metal e.g. that vase your aunt got you when she came back from vacation
  • Inside a cabinet or any sort of case that makes it look less ugly
  • Anything metal e.g. don’t put it on a metal shelf or a metal stool

Find a place that’s suitable and somewhat in the middle of your house so that the WiFi signal reaches all the rooms. This one is going to be hard to manage with perfect precision but you can move the router out of a bedroom and into the hallway at the very least.

2. Change The Channel

A router isn’t the only wireless device in your home. If you live in a building, your neighbors probably have internet and a wireless router as well. Their router, your router, and most wireless devices all use the same frequency to transmit a signal. The default frequency is 2.5Ghz and it is divided into smaller bands. Without getting too technical, some bands or channels overlap when they transmit a signal. Within the 2.5Ghz frequency, you should select the 1, 6, and 11 channel as there is no overlapping there. If your router uses the 5Ghz frequency,  you have more bands to choose from. You can select the 36, 40, 44, 48, 149, 153, 157 and 161 bands to boost the signal.

You will need to access the admin panel of your router to change the channel.

3. Upgrade Antenna

Some routers don’t have antenna but those that do often have ones that can be replaced. If your router doesn’t have an antenna, ask your ISP to provide you one that does. You might need to tell them the router in your home doesn’t work as well to get them to change it and it might not be easy to get the exact replacement you want. If your router does have an antenna or two and they can be replaced, considering upgrading them. Buying an antenna is much cheaper than buying a new router and it will make a noticeable difference.

4. Upgrade Firmware

Check if your router’s firmware is in need of an upgrade. If a new version is available, upgrade to it. You might be surprised but this can actually improve the performance of your router. The firmware might patch problems or improve the overall performance of the hardware it’s running on and result in a stronger WiFi signal.

5. Signal Boosters And Access Points

We’re getting into hardware improvements here. You can buy signal boosters and install them to boost the WiFi signal in your home. They aren’t expensive and will resolve most signal problems. If a booster isn’t doing the trick, you can supplement it by adding an access point or two. It can be particularly useful if you need your WiFi signal to reach two or more floors e.g. both the basement and the attic.


If your router is particularly old, you might want to invest in a newer model. You don’t need to get the latest model that’s available but your router model shouldn’t be obsolete. Additionally, you should refrain from using hacks like beer cans or metal mesh make-shift antenna to boost the signal. There’s a popular hack that encourages users to use concave metal objects like cans to boost the signal. While this does amplify the signal, somewhat, it does so in one direction. If you only need to use the WiFi in one particular part of the house, see if you can just move your router there. If you want to disburse the signal more evenly, this hack isn’t for you.

When you’re looking for the best place to place your router, take the help of a signal mapping app. It will be able to tell you the signal strength that various parts of your house are getting from the router in its current position.

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How To Rip A DVD In 5 Minutes With WinX DVD Ripper

DVDs were at one point one of the best ways to store data. Since then, other more reliable hardware has taken its place but that hasn’t pushed these discs into extinction. They have in fact found a niche use; movies and DRM protected media. Games are excluded from this since Steam and other such platforms negate the need for it but DVDs are still very much in use. The only problem with DVDs is that they need storage space and it’s easier to store the content on a hard drive. It’s either that or you buy your movies again and that will not be cheap. If you have a massive DVD collection that you want to burn quickly to your hard drive. Here’s how to rip a DVD using WinX DVD Ripper.

The app is available for both Mac and Windows. It costs $ 59.95. The trial version of the app lets you burn five minutes of any DVD. It can clone a DVD ISO image and it has a truly impressive video format converter built right in to the app so that you can convert your DVD to a compatible format for your desktop or mobile phone.

How To Rip A DVD

WinX DVD Ripper is pretty simple; insert a DVD, select a format to rip to, and let the app do its magic. Click the Disc button and select your DVD drive.

Next, select which format you want to rip it to. The app suggests MP4 which will play on just about any device however, it also has a slew of other supported formats that you can rip the DVD to. The formats are sorted by platform e.g., Apple device, Android device, Microsoft device, etc.

For each format, you can choose the quality that WinX DVD Ripper will rip the DVD to. The Output profile only lets you use a slider that moves between low and high quality. If you choose lower quality, the DVD will rip much faster while the high quality version will take considerably longer.

There are additional quality settings that you can manage before you start the ripping process. For example, you can choose which codec to use, change the resolution, the frame rate, and the aspect ration, among other things. If you don’t know what any of these things are though, you should leave them as they are. WinX DVD Ripper will know which settings are best for the format you’ve picked.

Click the Run button to start ripping the DVD. The app will be able to rip a DVD in 5 minutes i.e. almost instantly but if you have something to do, or somewhere to go, you can have it shut down your computer once it is finished and not worry about your system remaining on longer than it needs to.

Once the DVD has been ripped, the app will open the folder the media has been saved to and you can play it right away with any standard media player app.

Additional DVD Option Support

WinX DVD Ripper can rip a DVD in 5 minutes however, it isn’t just doing a hack job of quickly extracting media from one source and transferring it to your hard drive. The app is intelligently built to support various properties of a DVD for example it can rip chapters in a DVD as individual items or it can merge everything into one. Additionally it can also copy subtitles (provided they aren’t hard coded) and it lets you choose the sound channel and its bit-rate.

One stand-out feature of the app is its CPU core controls and its support for Intel and NVIDIA GPUs. It can utilize both GPUs on your system to work more efficiently but it also lets you choose how many cores of your CPU the app should utilize when ripping a DVD. This lets you assign as many or as few resources to the app as you want. We should mention that if you give WinX DVD Ripper access to more cores, it will work faster. Likewise, access to fewer cores means a slower experience.

Other Features

WinX DVD Ripper has a built-in player that you can use to skim through the DVD and rip only a portion of it. It can rip items from an ISO and you can add a folder to it that it can scan for ISOs as well. The app’s media player has a built-in screenshot tool that can take a screenshot of the current video that’s playing.

WinX DVD Ripper is built with movies in mind however if you have an old game on a disc, you can try using this app to rip it to your hard drive.


WinX DVD Ripper is an app that meets every requirement you might have if you sit down to rip DVDs. It’s fast but it also has extensive support for different file formats. It can maximize speed by utilizing your system’s resources and it can rip HD videos in a very short span of time. The price point is more than justified when you consider how many formats the app supports and the many codecs that it comes with.

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How To Enable The Ultimate Power Plan On Windows 10

The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is going to add a new power plan in Windows 10 for high performance. This power plan is called the Ultimate Power Plan and is geared towards hardware that requires a lot of power. It’s hidden by default so you can’t just select it from Power Options, or from the battery slider in Windows 10. You can enable the Ultimate Power Plan on Windows 10 from the Command Prompt. You will need administrative rights to enable it, and it can only be enabled on the Spring Creators Update, or on one of the insider builds for Redstone 4 or Redstone 5.

Enable Ultimate Power Plan

Open Command Prompt with administrative rights, enter the following command, and tap Enter.

powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

This will return the Power Scheme GUID for the power plan. It is now enabled and you can select it from Power Option.

On your laptop, right-click the battery icon in the system tray and select Power Options. If you’re on a desktop, paste the following in File Explorer and tap Enter to open Power Plans in Control Panel.

Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options

Expand Additional Plans, and you will Ultimate Power Plan appear in the expanded section. Select the plan to enable it.

The Ultimate Power Plan is going to give you perhaps the worst battery life you can imagine on your laptop. Some users might think that this plan is geared exclusively towards desktops but there are a lot of great, high performance laptops available and this plan can run on them. That said, don’t benchmark your battery life on this power plan and make sure you’re not working on anything critical if you’re running on battery power.

Microsoft announced this power plan back in February 2018 for the Spring Creators Update and said it isn’t geared towards battery powered systems. It is possible that while you can enable the Ultimate Power Plan on a battery powered system, you cannot necessarily switch to it unless your laptop is plugged into a power source. This power plan basically eliminates or greatly reduces whatever measures and restraints a high performance power plan applies to reduce micro-latencies. It’s not geared towards games and is more likely to be useful for anyone working with code or heavy graphics. If you own a Surface Studio, you might greatly beenfit from enabling the plan.

The individual components of the Ultimate Power Plan can be customized just like the other power plan.

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