Are External USB Hard-Drives at Risk from Internal Condensation?

While most of us do not need to pack our external hard-drives with us everywhere we go, there are some people who may need to carry them wherever they travel. With that in mind, can noticeable differences in temperature have a negative impact on those hard-drives? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answers to a worried reader’s questions.

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Building efficient keyword queries for eDiscovery searches in Exchange and SharePoint

The ability to run searches across a mixture of Exchange mailboxes and SharePoint sites to uncover the deep and dark secrets of those who would prefer their work to go unnoticed is what, in some degree, eDiscovery is all about. Microsoft has invested heavily in the area of compliance over the last decade, with the initial work showing up in Exchange 2010 and SharePoint 2010. There was much to like in the first implementation, especially in Exchange 2010, if only because so many legal discovery actions center on email.

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How to Share Files and Folders from OneDrive in Windows 10

With OneDrive, it’s easy to share files and folders securely and easily with other people. They won’t need to install any special applications or sign up for a new account. In fact, they can use any web browser to get to the files you share with them. And you have a complete control in your hand—your files will only be shared with the people you choose. In this article, we’ll show you how to share files and folders from your OneDrive, and different permissions you might want to know about before sharing.

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